Level Up E-Juice

Level Up E-Juice

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Striving for perfection. Each flavor was carefully crafted and tested before settling on recipes we believe would delight vapers all around the world!


MISTY MOUNTAIN – Granny Smith Apple / Sweet Ripe Strawberries / Menthol

Hiking to the top of the mountain with a gorgeous view of the mystical forest. Misty Mountain was a culmination of endless effort striving to find the perfect combination of fruits, sweetness, and menthol. The blend of granny smith apple smothered with sweet ripe strawberries exemplifies and compliments each fruit without overlap. In addition, menthol was carefully infused to create a cool and satisfying exhale.


HIGH MOUNTAIN - Granny Smith Apple / Sweet Ripe Strawberries

Vapers rejoice! We heard from you. High Mountain is the sister product to one of our best selling flavors. With High Mountain, you get all the great taste from Misty Mountain without the menthol. Blended with granny smith apple smothered with tasty sweet strawberries.


HEAVENS MILK - Sweet Milk / Condensed Milk / Vanilla Cream / Honey

Melody of flavors combined into one fantastic bottle with just the right amount to not overwhelm your taste buds. The creamy smooth taste of sweet milk, the sweetness of condensed milk topped with vanilla cream and dabbed with a touch of honey. Vaping this does feel like your in heaven!